Bitcoin Millionaire Scam

Good News!

Bitcoin is a big business. The Bitcoin market is currently valued at $12.2 Billion Dollars and it's surprisingly easy to take a slice of that, if you have the right automated software behind you.

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To Your Success,
Luisa Anderson
Bitcoin Millionaire

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Wallet Backup Scam

Wallet Backup

Blockchain via 

Wallet Backup

Attached to this email is an AES Encrypted Bitcoin Wallet Backup which contains everything you need to restore your Bitcoin Balance. You can use it to restore the wallet at anytime at My Wallet or using the 3rd party MultiBit Desktop client.

Your wallet identifier is: 3843a391-c6cf-419a-adc1-ae12b8ba9575 

Blockchain Balance Scam

Welcome To My Bitcoin Wallet.

This email contains important information about your new Bitcoin Wallet. Be sure to keep this safe and stored separately from your password.

Login Link:

Notifications: Notifications Are Disabled
Confirmation Code: CC6D6

Top Tip
Backup your bitcoin wallet using attachments.

BTC-E Successful Authorization Scam

Dear User,

Successful authorization. 1.5 BTC has been send to another account. To show your invoice , go to:

Administration of BTC-E.COM

Update Blockchain Balance Scam

From: Blockchain <>

Dear User,

You only have two days and your password will expire. Please change your password with the following instructions so you will not lose your balance of Bloackchain.

Here is the attachments (new block and new wallet) to change your blocks and re-activate your balance.

Bloackchain Support

GHash.IO Has Sent You Bitcoins Scam

GHash.IO Has Sent You Bitcoins

You have received 0.19 BTC.

GHash.IO has sent you 0.19 BTC.

Click here to claim this payment or if you have never heard of bitcoins before read the Beginners FAQ.


Earn Bitcoin Fast Scam

Subject: Earn Bitcoin Fast

Dear BitListing Client,

Did you know that BitPlastic pays 30% of all fees collected from your referrals?

The BitPlastic debit card is extremely popular and easy to promote.  We have a full suite of banners and an advanced, real-time tracking affiliate program.  Just create a free BitPlastic account to easily grab your referral link.

You can promote BitPlastic by PPC, on forums, landing pages, review sites, youtube, blogs and elsewhere.  When one of your referrals buys the debit card or makes a withdrawal, we pay you 30% of the fees we collect - instantly.  Unlike other affiliate programs where you have to wait days or even weeks to get paid, you can earn immediate bitcoin payments from our program.

Thank you,

BitListing Support

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